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Common Air Conditioning Repairs Caused by a Lack of Maintenance

When you have a mechanical system in your Texas home that works as hard as your air conditioner, you need to see that it is kept in the best condition possible. It’s no different than any other machine that sees extensive use, such as your car. An annual maintenance visit can prevent many expensive repairs that wear and tear can cause. Here are a few repairs our technicians at PRK Services, Inc. often encounter.

If you need Corinth, TX air conditioning repair services, or if you want to get a jump on preventing future troubles with regular maintenance, contact PRK Services, Inc. today.

Repair damage from clogged air filters: One of the basic steps of maintaining an air conditioner is changing the air filter regularly. (We recommend once a month during cooling season). If the filter becomes dense with trapped dust and debris, it can lead to damage to the interior components of the AC—and that adds up to the need for extensive cleaning and possibly the replacement of damaged parts.

Fixing overheated motors: If an air conditioner goes without maintenance, its parts will wear down fast and the AC will start working harder to reach its target temperature. This can rapidly lead to burned-out motors. Since motors power the compressor and fans, they must all be working in order to provide cooled air. Sometimes damaged motors can be fixed, and other times they need replacement.

Sealing refrigerant leaks: Without regular maintenance to see that the lines carrying refrigerant around the AC are in decent shape, they can start leaking this vital chemical. Low refrigerant will lead to a loss of cooling power and iced-over coils. A technician will need to seal the leaks, then recharge the refrigerant to its regular level.

Our Corinth, TX air conditioning repair experts at PRK Services, Inc. have extensive experience doing all kinds of air conditioner repairs. If you want to avoid frequent repair needs, PRK Services, Inc. can also help you out with our maintenance program, offering two annual check-ups to prepare you for summer and winter. Trust in our four decades of quality work keeping Texas residents cool!

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