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Commercial Chiller in Denton, TX

Pics 60 ton chillerWhen you need to cool large commercial and industrial spaces, you rely on your commercial chiller to reduce the temperature, especially when overheating can be dangerous to your products and applications. Hospitals, manufacturing plants, universities, and large commercial buildings are among the beneficiaries of energy-efficient commercial chillers. Chillers cool liquid through vapor-compression technology and they offer cost-effective solutions when conventional air conditioning would be inefficient. Because of the scale of their application and usage, commercial chillers are vital not merely to workplace comfort, but also to the temperature regulation of equipment and products. If your commercial chiller breaks down, it may need repair or replacement. Determining which depends on the circumstances of its application, condition, and age. But rest assured you can rely on the Denton, TX commercial chiller repair and replacement experts at PRK Services.

Here are a few of the most common problems with commercial chillers:

  • Noise. Depending on the size and model, commercial chillers do tend to make noise. And most business owners expect a reasonable amount of noise in exchange for the benefits of cooled spaces. But strange, unexpected, or excessively loud noises can often indicate a problem. For example, if you hear a hissing sound around your unit, there might be a refrigerant leak in one of the coils surrounding the evaporator valve. Rattling or excessive vibration are usually the result of loose-fitting pipes and connections, but they can be especially damaging to your system if left not repaired.
  • Chiller won’t turn on. One of the most common causes for a lack of ignition is a lack of power. A professional can ensure that your unit is properly wired and connected to a power source. Wires can be damaged by water and debris, and the can loosen over time, especially in exposed areas. This may also indicate a problem with your thermostat, which may need to be re-calibrated or replaced.
  • Leaks. It might be the refrigerant from the coils, excessive condensation in the system, or oil at the base of the unit, but leaks should not be left to fix themselves. They can indicate minor repairs and major replacements, depending on the age and condition of your system.

For commercial chiller repair or replacement in Denton, TX, call a professional at PRK Services today!

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