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How Insulation can Help Your Air Conditioning System

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Those of us here in Texas really understand just how important a great air conditioning system really is to our day to day lives. The air conditioning season is very long and often intensely hot here, and you need to know that your air conditioning system is going to be able to handle the demand that you put on it. Contact PRK Services, Inc. today to get the outstanding Denton, TX air conditioning services you need to cool your home with confidence. Just because your air conditioning system is the star of the show, of course, doesn’t mean that it can’t use a helping hand. Here is some information about how great insulation can help your AC succeed.

Heat naturally tries to balance temperatures, which means that it will naturally attempt to infiltrate your home when it is cooler inside than it is outside. This can be a serious problem if your home is not properly insulated. While you are operating your air conditioning system, heat may enter your home through the gaps and cracks in its envelope, driving up the temperature at the same time that your air conditioner is fighting to bring it back down.

This puts a lot of strain on your air conditioner, which is forced to work harder than it should have to in order to overcome the heat that is making its way into your home. The harder your air conditioner has to work, the more energy it is going to consume. This means that you will see your air conditioning costs rise even as your comfort falls.

It also means that your air conditioning system is put at risk of damages. Any mechanical system may be damaged over time, but forcing your air conditioner to work so hard greatly increases this risk. By having proper insulation installed in your home you can enjoy greater comfort while protecting your air conditioning system and lowering your energy costs.

Call PRK Services, Inc. today to discuss your insulation needs and options. We can help you get the most effective performance possible from your air conditioning system. Let our Denton, TX air conditioning pros provide you with the great insulation services you need.

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Corinth, TX Insulation: What Does R-Value Mean?

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

The insulation in your home is one of the most important parts of your home’s energy efficiency. In particular, the insulation in your attic is critical to making sure that you aren’t wasting energy. For all your Corinth, TX insulation call the experts at PRK Services. We’ve helped countless customers improve the efficiency in their home by upgrading their insulation and wanted to answer one of the questions that we get asked often: what does the R-value on insulation mean?

How Insulation Works

When you turn on your heater or air conditioning system it will start to change the temperature inside your home and make it different from the temperature outside. In the summer, your home is normally much cooler than the outside air and in the winter the opposite is true. In order to keep it that way a barrier of insulation in your walls, floors and ceilings is installed to keep heat from moving into or out of our homes. Simply put: insulation is designed to resist heat transfer.

What Is R-Value?

The R-value of insulation describes how well a particular type of insulation resists heat transfer. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulation’s thermal resistance. The US Department of Energy has created a guide that lets homeowners and builders know which R-value should be used in each region of the country based on climate and local energy costs. Living in moderate climates like Texas requires a different R-value than if you lived in the Northeast. The Corinth, TX insulation experts at PRK Services can help you figure out if you should upgrade your insulation or if yours is damaged and needs replacing.

Why Upgrade Insulation?

There are tremendous benefits to having your insulation inspected and potentially upgraded. The Corinth, TX insulation pros at PRK Services offer complete services for all different types of insulation materials if your insulation is worn out, thin, or if it has holes it might be allowing much of your heated or cooled air to escape outside.

For any Corinth, TX insulation needs that you have just call PRK Services. We’ll be able to help you make sure that your home is operating at peak efficiency with outstanding service and new insulation.

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