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Beware of Heat Pump Ice

You may notice ice forming on your heat pump this summer. If so, you need to call for repairs right away. Though it may seem like confirmation that the system is working properly, it’s actually an indication of a major problem with your heat pump. Let’s take a look at why ice form on your heat pump, and the problems it causes.

The Evaporator Coil

When the heat pump is in cooling mode, the coil located inside the home is designated as the evaporator coil. This coil evaporates refrigerant in order to absorb heat from the surrounding air. The temperature of the air around the coil is constantly dropping, and condensation forms on it as the temperature drops below the dew point. Normally, the constant flow of warm air over the coil maintains a delicate balance. If the air flow is ever interrupted, though, the condensate will eventually freeze over.


While the coil is frozen over, it will be unable to siphon enough heat from the air. This will cause your heat pump’s output to drop dramatically. If the ice isn’t cleared off soon enough, it can build up enough that the weight of it will permanently warp the coil. This will require that it be replaced. The ice can also spread down the refrigerant line to other parts of the heat pump, causing them to freeze up and break down. If the ice problem isn’t dealt with, eventually it will cause the entire system to break down. This is why you need to call for repairs as soon as you notice ice forming on your system. The sooner we can repair the problem, the better off your system will be.

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