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7 Silent Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair


Many lists of ways to know that your furnace needs repair focus on noises. It’s true that a lot of the time, a furnace in trouble will make a racket to let you know that something is wrong. However, the fact that your furnace is not making noise is no guarantee that everything is working just fine. 

Sometimes, a furnace problem is silent. If you’re waiting for a noise to indicate a problem, you could miss important warning signs. Here are some silent signals that your furnace needs repair.

1: Short Cycling

This will just sound like the usual start and stop of your furnace, but it will happen much more often than usual, as the furnace shuts down shortly after it begins heating and then tries again moments later. It can indicate a variety of problems, but the key thing to know is that if it continues, it will cause more problems like wear and tear and high utility bills.

2: Pilot Problems

If the pilot light won’t stay lit, it could be a problem with anything from the thermocouple (which is a safety shutoff system) or the pilot opening being dirty to a gas regulator issue, or even too much airflow causing the pilot to simply blow out.

If the pilot light is burning any color other than blue, you have a serious problem and need furnace repair in Flower Mound, TX immediately. This indicates incomplete combustion or contamination in your gas line, either of which can lead to your furnace emitting dangerous carbon monoxide and causing a major health hazard.

3: Corrosion

Taking a look at your furnace from time to time is a good idea. Any corrosion of the flue line, smaller components, or the furnace itself indicates that it’s time for a professional to take a hard look. Corrosion of components or connections may be repairable, but if it’s the main body of the furnace, it may be time to consider replacement.

4: Moisture

Your furnace, unlike a boiler, does not contain water. But condensation does happen inside your furnace. There are systems in place to mitigate that, and if you see pooling or dripping water, those systems are not working as they should.

5: Soot

During normal operation, natural gas burns cleanly and there will be no sooty buildup. Soot in your furnace can be a sign of a cracked heat exchanger which, again, risks carbon monoxide poisoning and should be addressed immediately.

6: Rodent Droppings

It can be hard to keep mice at bay entirely, especially in an older house. But if you notice rodent droppings in and directly around your furnace, it would be wise to have it checked by a professional. Mice are notorious for gnawing wiring, which can cause problems as severe as an electrical fire.

7: Spiking Utility Bills

This one may make a noise—or rather, you might make a noise of shock and horror when you see how high your heating bill has suddenly become. Many furnace problems force the furnace to work harder, using more fuel and driving your bills sky-high.

Whatever the problem with your furnace, we’re always happy to help you get it sorted out.

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