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6 Noises that Mean You Need Air Conditioning Repair


If a person isn’t feeling well, they can tell you with words that something is wrong. They might even be able to be more specific and give you a clear explanation of what’s wrong. Unfortunately, your air conditioner doesn’t speak English. But it can let you know that it’s not doing well!

Many AC problems cause specific noises. All you need is a handy phrasebook to help you translate. And we’ve got you covered! Here are the sounds your air conditioner might make when it needs repair, and what those sounds might indicate about what the problem is.

1: Rattling

This is likely caused by something being loose when it should be tightened down. It could be part of your ductwork, but if it sounds like it’s coming from the AC unit itself, it’s quite likely that the fan is the loose part. Because of the constant movement, screws can come loose. A wobbling fan can be secured by a technician, and it should be done promptly, so it doesn’t fly free and damage other components.

2: Screeching

This unpleasant sound can be made when the belt is loose, fraying, or starting to tear. With professional air conditioning repair in Denton, TX, it can be put back into position or if necessary, be replaced. The belt is not a very expensive component, but there are pricier components close by, so address this problem before it damages them.

3: Hissing

This is the sound of something leaking. It could be a valve, or there could be a crack in the coils somewhere allowing refrigerant to escape. Because a lack of refrigerant means a lack of cooling power, and because it puts a lot of strain on the compressor, you need AC repairs.

4: Trickling

A sound like running water could be caused by a refrigerant problem or by a drainage problem. Either can be pretty serious—the refrigerant for the reasons discussed above, and the drainage because water leaks can do a lot of damage to your home.

5: Clicking

This is the sort of thing that can indicate an electrical problem. Because those are quite hazardous, your air conditioner needs repair urgently. Please don’t investigate the problem yourself! Our technicians are highly trained to address electrical concerns safely.

6: Booming

If instead of starting up with a hum, your air conditioner starts up with a boom, it has an issue that is often called hard-starting. The bad news is that this is caused by a problem with the compressor, the most vital component of your air conditioner. When compressor problems get severe enough, it’s usually time to replace the whole AC system, so don’t delay in getting your air conditioner the help it’s so desperately asking for.

Use Your Intuition

If your air conditioner makes a new or unexpected noise or seems to be making more noise than it used to, trust your gut. It’s far better to get prompt repairs than to let an issue develop into a big problem or a total breakdown.

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