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5 Furnace Issues to Watch Out For

Burner-AssemblyWe’re finally in that time of year where it’s really starting to feel like winter. The weather outside is chilly, we’re getting our fair share of rain, and we’re past the holidays with the new year right around the corner. If you haven’t already taken a moment to evaluate the quality of your home’s heater, then now is a great time to do so.

If you notice that you’re having a little trouble with your heater, we’re the team that you can call about your furnace in Argyle, TX. You never have to worry with us. We only pick the best technicians that have the training and licensure to match their in-field experience. Call us when you work that’s going to keep you cozy all winter long.

Watch Out for these Furnace Problems

Make sure that you watch out for the following furnace problems in your home. While some of them may seem small and inconsequential, trust us when we say that they’ll really come to affect your home’s heating system and your personal comfort. Call us when you notice:

1.      Low Airflow

You should feel a strong, steady stream of warm air coming from the vents throughout your home when you run your heater. Anything less than this is a clear indication that you’re having real trouble with the heater in your home. Low airflow is normally the symptom a few different problems that you could possibly have with your home’s heater. When you come to our expert professionals, we’ll pinpoint the problem fast and knock it out in a flash.

2.      Inadequate Heating

Do you have trouble getting warm in your home? Sometimes you’re literally able to heat your home but the heat that you’re getting just isn’t enough to really keep you warm. When this is the case, you need a team of professionals that’s going to fix any of the heating problems that you might have in your home.

3.      High Heating Bills

Are you struggling with high heating bills in your home? Don’t get us wrong, your heating bills are typically going to be a little higher during this time of year. After all, you’re using your heater a lot more often than you normally would and you’re probably running it at higher temperatures throughout the day to stay warm. Although the price may be a little higher, it should never be unreasonable. Call us if it is.

4.      Discolored Flame

The flame in your furnace system should always burn as a strong, blue flame. If you’re noticing that the flame in your home is red, orange, yellow or just flickering and burning weakly then it’s time to schedule an appointment with our team members.

5.      Odd Sounds

You shouldn’t hear much when you run the furnace in your home. If you notice some odd sounds like rumbling, grating, banging, or rattling, then it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with us. We’ll make sure we find the source of the problem ASAP and give you a quick and simple solution.

Contact PRK Services, Inc. today to schedule an appointment for the best furnace work possible. We’ll keep you warm this winter.

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