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Happy Memorial Day

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Memorial Day, which is observed on the final Monday of May every year, is an opportunity to honor and commemorate those military personnel who have fallen while serving their country. The day began in the aftermath of the American Civil War, when the country was damaged and in need of remembrance. Originally called Decoration Day, owing to the flowers that would decorate gravesites, its principal purpose has been to mourn those who have died during service; but it’s also a time to come together as a country and take stock of the way that our soldiers have shaped this country.

There is a national moment of silence and various events throughout the day. You may see volunteers putting flags up at your local cemetery or flowers decorating war memorials. It’s also a reprieve from our work schedule that should be enjoyed in tandem with remembrance. We wish you all the best this Memorial Day.

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The Air Conditioning Installation Process

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Finding a new air conditioning system is a huge decision—one that you have to live with for many years afterwards. One of the best ways to make sure that your new air conditioning system works well is to get it installed by a professional. There are so many things that can go wrong with the installation process that working with an experienced contractor is always a good idea. We often get asked about what the air conditioning installation process is actually like. We thought it would be helpful if we put together a quick description of what actually happens.

Find the Right System

One of the most important steps of the process is finding an air conditioning system that is the right size for your home. If you get an AC unit that is too small or too large it could actually cause serious problems for your home. When your air conditioning system is too small it will have to work harder to keep your home comfortable. If your air conditioning system is too large, it will likely cool off your home very quickly and then shut off before turning back on again. This is called short cycling and can cause tremendous wear and tear on your system. Call the Denton, TX air conditioning installation professionals at PRK Services today. We’ll work with you to find a system that matches your home’s needs and your budget.

Benefits of Professional Denton, TX Air Conditioning Installation

The actual installation process of a new air conditioning system should always be handled by a professional. Our specialists will work with you to find a good, level place on your property where the new unit can sit. We’ll then make all of the final connections, making sure that the refrigerant and electrical wires are installed properly.

If you’re interested in getting a new air conditioning system installed at your home call the Denton, TX air conditioning installation pros at PRK Services.

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Don’t miss out on the Texas Tax Free Weekend – May 25-27

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

DollarSignLooking to replace your clunky old air conditioner? Now is the perfect time! Call PRK Services this Memorial Day weekend to take advantage of the Texas Tax Free weekend May 25-27, 2013.

Texas shoppers can receive state and local sales and use tax breaks on qualifying Energy Star rated products. Air conditioners must be 14 SEER or higher, and priced at $6,000 or less. New equipment must be purchased between May 25-27 but does not have to be installed during that time.

Enjoy the savings and get ready to stay cool this summer. Happy Memorial Day weekend from PRK Services!


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How Insulation can Help Your Air Conditioning System

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Those of us here in Texas really understand just how important a great air conditioning system really is to our day to day lives. The air conditioning season is very long and often intensely hot here, and you need to know that your air conditioning system is going to be able to handle the demand that you put on it. Contact PRK Services, Inc. today to get the outstanding Denton, TX air conditioning services you need to cool your home with confidence. Just because your air conditioning system is the star of the show, of course, doesn’t mean that it can’t use a helping hand. Here is some information about how great insulation can help your AC succeed.

Heat naturally tries to balance temperatures, which means that it will naturally attempt to infiltrate your home when it is cooler inside than it is outside. This can be a serious problem if your home is not properly insulated. While you are operating your air conditioning system, heat may enter your home through the gaps and cracks in its envelope, driving up the temperature at the same time that your air conditioner is fighting to bring it back down.

This puts a lot of strain on your air conditioner, which is forced to work harder than it should have to in order to overcome the heat that is making its way into your home. The harder your air conditioner has to work, the more energy it is going to consume. This means that you will see your air conditioning costs rise even as your comfort falls.

It also means that your air conditioning system is put at risk of damages. Any mechanical system may be damaged over time, but forcing your air conditioner to work so hard greatly increases this risk. By having proper insulation installed in your home you can enjoy greater comfort while protecting your air conditioning system and lowering your energy costs.

Call PRK Services, Inc. today to discuss your insulation needs and options. We can help you get the most effective performance possible from your air conditioning system. Let our Denton, TX air conditioning pros provide you with the great insulation services you need.

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Denton, TX Air Cleaner Guide: Types of Air Cleaners

Monday, May 6th, 2013

The Environmental Protection Agency lists poor indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental health risks in our country. Because the modern design of our homes attempts to create an insulated indoor climate to maximize energy efficiency, this can also lead to problems in ventilation. Without the natural air to move pollutants out of your home, contaminants such as dust and other allergens can buildup. Fortunately, there is a variety of air cleaners on the market today that have the express purpose of helping to alleviate this natural ventilation problem. We’d like to review some of the kinds of air cleaners available to you. Call the Denton, TX air cleaner experts at PRK Services if you are concerned about the air quality in your home.

  • Mechanical air filters: This is probably the most common type of air cleaner on the market. For larger airborne particles that circulate through your house, these types of cleaners work fairly well. The filtering medium removes pollutant particles as they enter through the device, which is integrated into your AC system. The air filters are rated according to the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) scale; the higher the number, the better the particle capture rate. 
  • Electronic air cleaners: Electronic air cleaners use ionization to charge pollutant particles, and then capture them on an oppositely charged plate collector. This sophisticated technology is often good at capturing small particles, but may not be as effective as a mechanical air filter in capturing large particles.
  • UV germicidal lights: Ultraviolet germicidal lights use the power of ultraviolet radiation to kill microbiological organisms before they are allowed to enter your living space. They are typically installed directly inside the air handler, or within the ductwork itself. They require very little upkeep beyond changing the bulb and tend to be very effective in most applications. For homes where microbiological organisms is an issue, UV lights are a great air cleaning solution.

Make sure your home has the best possible indoor air quality with a Denton, TX air cleaner. Call PRK Services today!

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