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Common Heating Repairs in Denton TX

Monday, January 21st, 2013

When you need any kind of heating repairs in Denton, you always want to get it repaired by a professional. We all love enjoying the comforts of modern heating. But when your heating system starts to cause problems, if can be hard to know when to call a professional heating contractor. At PRK Services, we wanted to put together some of the more common heating repairs in Denton, TX.

Strange Heating Noises in Denton

During its normal operations, your heating system will make noises as it heats your home. But if you start to notice new, strange sounds, it can be a sign of a big problem. Here are some of the most common Denton heating repairs.

  • Rattling – If you hear rattling from your heating system, it can be an indication that carbon monoxide might be leaking into your home. Your heat exchanger provides heat to the air in your home, but it also is responsible for exhausting the harmful combustion gases. Rattling can indicate that there’s a hole in your heat exchanger which means that those gases could be leaking into your home.
  • Rumbling – If your heating system starts to make a rumbling sound, it might be the ductwork in your home expanding at the new heated air. It could also be that your burner is dirty and causing the noise.
  • Squealing – If your heating system is squealing, it’s most likely the fan belt or the fan motor. When they start to wear out, they can rub on other components of your home.

No Heat or Low Heat in Denton

If your heating system isn’t producing any heat or if it’s not producing enough heat it can be a serious inconvenience. Here are some of the common causes.

  • Air filter – Your furnace or heat pump has an air filter in it and if it isn’t changed regularly, it can restrict the flow of air through your home. This can cause no heat or not enough heat to get into your home.
  • Thermostat – The thermostat in your home controls when your heating system comes on. If it’s malfunctioning it can keep your home from getting any heat.
  • Pilot/thermocouple – If the pilot light in your heating system goes out frequently, it can keep your home from getting any heat. Also, the thermocouple is a safety feature that controls the flow of gas into the combustion chamber.

If you need any kind of Denton heating services, make sure you contact PRK Services.

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Denton Heating Tip: Getting Your HVAC System Winter Ready

Monday, January 14th, 2013

If you’ve ever picked up a baseball and thrown it without any warm up, you might have an idea of how your heating system feels when you suddenly start it up each fall or winter. Performing some basic maintenance on your heating system before you flip it on for the first time is a good idea to make sure that it works well each heating season. At PRK Services we provide complete heating maintenance in Denton. Here are some helpful tips to getting your heating and air conditioning system ready for the winter.

Professional Heating Maintenance

Perhaps the best way to make sure your heating system works well for as long as possible is to get it regularly serviced by a professional heating contractor in Denton, TX. When you have your heating system inspected by a professional on a regular basis, they can catch small problems and repair them before they cause big problems for your home. Here are some of the benefits of regular heating maintenance in Denton.

  • Reduced repairs – Removing small problems quickly is a great way to avoid larger, more costly repairs in the future.
  • More efficiency – Little problems can cause your heating system to lose efficiency. When you have them fixed your heating system will most likely work better.
  • Longer life – We’ve had to replace many heating systems in Denton that were destroyed by a small problem. Make sure your heating system lasts as long as possible with regular heating maintenance.


Most people probably don’t give their insulation in Denton a second thought. But the insulation in your home is critical to the energy efficiency of your home and to your comfort. As the heated air from your heater fills your home, it floats up towards your ceiling. If the insulation in your attic is thin, old or rotted, that heat could be slipping easily through your ceiling and outside. Head up to your attic and check your insulation to make sure it covers the entire space between your ceiling joists. Also look for signs of insect or rodent infestation and water rot.

If you need any kind of heating maintenance or heating repair in Denton, make sure you call the experts at PRK Services. We provide fast and honest heating repairs throughout the Denton area for all different types and brands of heating system. Call us today to learn more.

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Denton TX Heating Tip: Getting Your Heater Ready for the Winter

Monday, January 7th, 2013

When you live in the Denton, TX area, you know that having a good heating system is critical to your comfort during the winter. While Texas isn’t known for its brutal winters, there are a few months here where it can get actually cold. But before you just go and switch on your heater there are a few things that you should think about doing.  PRK Services is proud to offer honest and reliable heating maintenance throughout the Denton, TX area. Here are some of the basic tasks that you can do before your regularly scheduled heating maintenance visit.

Schedule Regular Heating Maintenance

One of the best ways to make sure that your heating system works well when you need it is to schedule regular maintenance with a professional heating contractor. At PRK Services, we offer fast and top quality heating maintenance in Denton TX.

Replace the Air Filter

If you have a forced air heating system like a furnace or a heat pump, then replacing the air filter should be a priority for you. The air filter on your heating system is designed to keep dirt or dust from getting into the working parts of your heating system. If it gets clogged it can cause a whole bunch of serious problems including overheating, cracked heat exchanger, short cycling and much more.

Check the Burner

Over time, dirt or debris can start to collect on the burner of your heating system. Check it to make sure that it is clean.

Inspect Flue and Ducts

If you have a gas-fired heating system them you have a flue that is responsible for exhausting all of the harmful combustion gases. Make sure that it is properly sealed and that the joints are tightly closed.

The ducts and air handler in your home are responsible for moving the air through your home. Make sure that they are free of debris or dust.

Check the Thermostats

Your thermostats are responsible for monitoring the temperature in your home and turning on our heating system as needed. They have a huge job and if they start to malfunction they can cause big problems for your home. Check them to make sure that they are working well.

The best thing that you can do for your heating system is to have it inspected regularly by a professional Denton TX heating technician. Regular maintenance can potentially reduce repair costs, increase efficiency and extend the life of your heating system. When you need any kind of heating maintenance in Denton, TX, contact PRK Services.

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New Year’s Upcoming Promotions

Monday, January 7th, 2013

With 2013 upon us, there is always electricity in the air of what the year is going to present for us. We at PRK Services, Inc. are going to be involved in making your heating and cooling needs as comfortable as possible. Subscribe to our blog to keep up to date.

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